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PAYE Vs Umbrella

As a dedicated SEN recruitment agency, our primary focus, at Active SEN, is to support and empower our agency workers so that they thrive in their vital roles. We firmly believe in fair and transparent dealings with all of our candidates and schools. In line with our commitment to your financial well-being, we advocate being paid through PAYE (Pay as You Earn) instead of using umbrella companies.

The Basics of PAYE and Umbrella Companies –

Before diving into the benefits of PAYE, let’s briefly recap the basics. PAYE is the UK system for income tax and National Insurance contributions, which the agency handles, ensuring accurate deductions before paying the agency worker. On the other hand, umbrella companies act as intermediaries, processing pay for agency workers, but often pass on additional costs or fees, reducing the take-home pay.

Transparency and Stability with PAYE –

One of the key advantages of being paid through PAYE is the transparency and stability it offers. With PAYE, the agency handles tax and National Insurance contributions, providing clarity about the deductions. This eliminates the risk of unexpected tax bills or overpayments, which can sometimes occur when using umbrella companies. Our agency ensures that you know in advance how much you’ll receive and that there are no additional hidden fees.

Equal Employment Rights –

PAYE ensures that our agency workers receive the same employment rights as permanent employees. You are entitled to national minimum wage, holiday pay, auto-enrolment into a pension (if eligible), and statutory benefits like sick pay and maternity pay (if eligible). As an SEN agency worker you deserve fair treatment and PAYE guarantees that your rights are protected.

Security and Convenience –

Choosing PAYE offers the added benefit of security and convenience. Our agency handles the payroll process, providing a seamless payment experience. You don’t have to navigate complex contractual arrangements or worry about administrative burdens. Instead, you can focus on what truly matters – making a positive impact on the lives of SEN students.

Caution with Umbrella Companies –

While some umbrella companies may promise higher take-home pay through potential tax relief, there are concerns and complexities associated with their operations. The lack of transparency and open-ended promises of tax relief can lead to confusion and uncertainty. In contrast, PAYE offers a clear and straightforward payment structure.

Conclusion –

Active SEN’s decision to use PAYE for payment processing stems from our unwavering commitment to provide the best experience for all of our agency workers. By maintaining an in-house finance team, we ensure immediate and efficient support, addressing queries without delays.

Transparency is at the core of our approach, as there are no hidden fees or surprises with PAYE. Our agency workers receive their entitled earnings promptly, providing them with financial stability and peace of mind.

Through the PAYE system, our candidates enjoy equal employment rights and benefits, fostering a supportive and fair work environment. We prioritize our agency workers’ well-being, ensuring they can focus on making a positive impact on the lives of SEN students without any anxieties surrounding pay.



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