Teachers / TAs

Teaching is a rewarding and stressful job and so it is essential that when you work through an agency you are properly paid and fairly treated. We believe that we offer the best pay and conditions. This is vital if you are to complete a booking. Call us on 0208 004 3232 or email at Raphael@activesen.co.uk to ask about roles in your area or make an enquiry.

From April 6th 2016 the UK Government has made changes that will affect all agency staff in relation to their pay.  In short, school staff can no longer claim travel and food expenses when working through an Umbrella company.  Therefore all our staff are paid PAYE, unless you request otherwise.  This means that we pay your Employers NI (National Insurance).  All calls to Active SEN are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

What do we pay? To be transparent our pay, via PAYE is as follows:

  • QTS/ QTLS SEN Teacher – teaching P Levels 1- 8+, includes personal care - From £132 a day
  • QTS/ QTLS SEN Core Subjects (Science/ Maths/ English etc) NC Level 1+ From £120 a day
  • QTS/ QTLS Qualified Teacher of the Deaf or Visually Impaired (QTVI) - From £150 a day
  • Unqualified Teacher with UK experience and P levels – from £110


  • Unqualified, working with NC Level 1 – from £55 a day
  • Working with P Levels, with PECS/ Makaton, personal care – from £65
  • BSL (British Sign Language), Braille or a specialist skill – ie music – from £75
  • HLTA – In charge of a small group – including planning from £85
  • Lunch Time Assistant - usually 12 - 130pm  - paid hourly

You must be flexible in your approach to work but we do our best to accommodate part time working. The above rates are subject to change, depending location and the exact nature of the work.

Active Recruitment SEN Ltd was set up by an SEN teacher and so we follow a different approach which is focused on both you and the school’s requirements.

We are an REC registered company and follow all safeguarding polices as listed on this site. Once these are completed we will look to arrange interviews and trial days at SEN provisions that match your specifications.

Whatever role you apply for there are a number of things that always remain the same. You will always meet us before visiting our client school. Secondly you should always research both the school, the location and the background of the pupils.

You do not need to have worked in SEN before, but it is essential that you have some experience working with young people or in a school setting.

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