Recruitment, Selection and Vetting Policy

Active Recruitment SEN LTD is a specialist education recruitment agency and is proud to be a member of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC). As a member of the REC the Company adheres to their 'Code of Professional Practice'.

Active Recruitment SEN Ltd provides teachers, nursery nurses, classroom assistants and many different categories of support workers for client schools and nurseries throughout London and the Home Counties.

The Company is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity in its recruitment practices and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination, direct or indirect - firstly, to ensure that no registering applicant is less fairly treated in any situation because of age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marital and civil partnership status, race or any other condition not relevant to the performance of the job; and secondly, to ensure that our clients are offered the best candidates available in terms of skills, experience and approach. Company policy therefore aims:

  • To provide full confidence to both clients and candidates of our best intentions to ensure that we register and submit quality candidates to support the needs of all children
  • To confirm our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children
  • To confirm our expectation for all staff and registering candidates to share this commitment.

The safety and welfare of children is considered at all times and it is our policy to ensure that all relevant pre-registration checks are carried out by staff prior to placement that are trained in procedures and understand their responsibilities. These checks include the following;

  • Interviewed
  • Has a current DBS or are in the process of obtaining one/status check
  • Rehab Declaration
  • Disqualification by association
  • Qualifications verified
  • Two written references
  • The National College for Teaching and Leadership Registration
  • The National College for Teaching and Leadership Check
  • Have permission to work in the UK
  • Identity check
  • Health Declaration

Disclosure and Barring Service

All candidates are required to undergo a DBS Enhanced Disclosure check prior to being offered work. This DBS must be subscribed to the update service otherwise it will be deemed as invalid and a new one will have to be put in place.

Before placing a candidate, we will confirm that a DBS Enhanced Disclosure has been requested, whether or not it has been received and whether it includes any disclosure information. We require a copy of the candidates Disclosure to be supplied to us before them starting a placement.

Active Recruitment SEN Ltd will check on the update service at the start of every new assignment to see if any relevant information has been added to the Disclosure.

The new DBS system also incorporates a check on the Barred list – formerly List 99.


All candidates are required to provide details of at least two references, one of whom must be their previous/current employer and ideally both who are able to comment directly on their performance in the education field. Both referees must be senior (ideally a Head teacher or someone from the SLT) to the candidate and be contactable at their work place.


We require both references to be in writing prior to placement. Emailed references are acceptable and we ensure that we retain a copy of the over sheet detailing the senders email address.


Verbal references may be taken but written verification is required. A candidate may be placed on the strength of one written and one verbal reference. If the referee fails to respond to our reference request we approach the teacher and ask for a third referee or for the teachers to prompt on our behalf. We would normally expect confirmation of a written reference to be received within 7 working days.


Open reference are accepted in addition to two written references. A candidate would not be placed on the strength of an open reference. If the referee is the candidates last employer we would approach them and ask them to verify the contents.


Character- A character reference would only be acceptable in addition to a professional reference. If a candidate has been out of the work place for a period of time we would accept a character reference and advise the school that a recent professional reference is not available.

References are scrutinised by the recruiting consultant and if we are not entirely satisfied with the content we contact the referee direct for clarity, request additional references or make a decision not to engage the teacher. We seek permission for the referee to show the reference to a third party and advise client schools that they may view references on request.


All candidates must provide evidence that they hold qualified teacher status (QTS, QTLS or a relevant IFL Number) if applying for a teaching role (or other valid qualifications depending on the position they are applying for such as NVQ’s, CACHE, etc) and evidence of qualifications that are relevant to the role. Active Recruitment SEN Ltd ideally requires original documentation but in absence of this a letter confirming the qualification from the training provider will be accepted. The National College for Teaching and Leadership will offer additional assurance that a teacher is correctly qualified. From time to time the agency will check the authenticity of qualifications with the issuing institution and we ask the teachers authority to do this. Client schools may view qualifications on request.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (Formerly GTC/Teaching Agency)

All teachers must be registered with the National College of Teaching and Leadership or be in the process of applying. Forms are available and teachers are encouraged to register at interview. We check on a regular basis as to whether the teacher’s registration is successful. If the teacher fails to register within an agreed time we make the decision to continue to encourage them to do so and expect this to be done within 1 week of the date of their first placement. If a teacher provided their registration number we check with NCTL at the start of every placement to ensure that is valid and no restrictions have been placed.

Additional checks are carried out if the candidate is registered with the IFL. Active Recruitment SEN Ltd will seek verification from IFL that the candidate is suitably qualified to be considered for the role.


All candidates attend a personal face-to-face interview prior to placement by a qualified interviewer.


All candidates are required to provide at least 3 forms of identification one of which must be from group A and if applicable one for group B. A further two items are required and can be from any group (one must show candidates current address)

Acceptable ID documents


  • Valid Passport and Visa/Permission to work
  • Current Driving Licence (Full or Provisional)- If passport is not provided
  • Birth Certificate
  • EU Identity Card


  • If the candidate has changed names through either deed-poll or marriage documents in support of this will be required.


  • Bank/Building society statement
  • P45/60 statement
  • Utility Bill dated within the last 3 months
  • Mortgage statement
  • Council tax statement from the current year
  • Correspondence from local government department, i.e. benefits agency, pensions, HM & Revenue Customs, Job centre plus.

All candidates are advised to take their Photo ID, Current DBS, Qualifications and Proof of Address with them on the 1st day of their assignments to a new school so that the information can be stored on the school’s Single Central Register.

Medical Declaration

Candidates are required to complete a medical health declaration at registration. The information given will be kept strictly confidential and used only to access needs in the workplace. If the teacher declares a condition that we feel may affect their ability to teach in the classroom we will obtain a letter from their GP confirming their suitability for the role.  NB: If a candidate has been retired on the basis they do not have the health and physical capacity to teach, they can still work as a teacher or related role up to 2.5 days week per week. However, we would need to confirm that the candidate has health and physical capacity to do so before allowing them to do this, via an occupational health assessment or a GP letter confirming they are fit to teach.

Permission to work

In line with UKBA guidance on the prevention of illegal working, Active Recruitment SEN Ltd ensure that the candidate has been given valid and subsisting leave to be in the UK by the Government and that leave does not restrict them in taking the job in question. We satisfy ourselves that the teacher is the rightful holder of any documents presented to us by:

  • Check photographic ID to ensure that are you satisfied that they are consistent appearance of your potential worker
  • Check the dates of birth listed so that you are satisfied these are consistent with the appearance of your potential worker.
  • Check the expiry dates of passports and visas are valid and ensure that adequate monitoring systems are in are in place to signal the pending expiry of key documentation.
  • Check any United Kingdom Government stamps or endorsements to see if the worker is able to do the type of work you are offering and that proposed hours are permissible.
  • Check that any name changes are supported by the appropriate documentation.
  • A letter from the Home office confirming immigration status. This will be verified.

Complete/Incomplete Checks

We make every effort to place a candidate on the completion of all checks. The school is advised if any checks are outstanding and we do seek their permission to place the candidate in the absence of these. The minimums check that we would place a teacher on are;-

  • Interview
  • DBS In progress or overseas police check
  • One reference (to be the most recent/relevant one)
  • Health Declaration
  • Permission to work
  • NCTL checks
  • ID
  • Qualifications

Information that comes to light after placement

Should information come to light after the candidate has been placed to suggest the worker is unsuitable; we will remove the worker from the placement immediately and carry out a full investigation.


Candidates are required to provide a CV and complete our application form. Gaps in employment/study are queried at interview.

Copies of Documentation

All documents are copied and signed and dated by the consultant ‘as originals seen’. These are kept in the candidate’s personal file.


Active Recruitment SEN Ltd reserves the right to decline applicants at the telephone vetting stage or after the interview if the candidate does not meet Company requirements or is not able to be placed for whatever reason, or the references obtained are not suitable.


Active Recruitment SEN Ltd has a formal complaints policy which can be given upon request.

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