DBS Applicant Guide

It is important to follow the official DBS guidelines that have been set out by the government before submitting your application.

Before filling out the application, there are some guidelines that you need to fill out:

  • Don't send any identification documents along with your application
  • When filling out this form, use BLACK INK and only enter one character per box
  • When filling out this form, use CAPITAL LETTERS
  • All YELLOW sections and the corresponding fields are required and must be filled out
  • Questions a28, a29, and section d are no longer required fields - DO NOT COMPLETE THESE
  • Please leave a field blank if it does not apply to you. Don't type N/A or any variation
  • Put a line through any errors and add the correction to the right. USE CORRECTION LIQUID
  • Be sure to list every address you have occupied in the past five years, including any locations abroad
  • If you have selected more than one of the YES/NO options in error, ensure that you place a cross in the correct box and circle it
  • Be sure to sign within the space provided
  • No stickers or stamps may be used on the form
  • Transgender candidates seeking more guidance on filling out the application should call the DBS sensitive applications line at 0151 676 1452 or email sensitive@dbs.gsi.gov.uk

For more information on filling out a DBS application, read the government's DBS Applicant Guide.

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